Welcome to the website of the Fleet Pond Society, we are a voluntary group that exists to protect and manage Fleet Pond Nature Reserve.

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Membership of the Society only costs £10 per household per year. You can be as active, or inactive a member as you like. Most importantly, you are contributing to the upkeep of this wonderful community asset. Please click here for further information on joining

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Conservation Sundays

If you wish to join us on our next volunteering session on Sunday 8th December 2019 you will need to book your place with the Countryside Ranger and further details can be found at Conservation Tasks page.

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Launch of the Members’ Gallery

We are pleased to launch a new initiative where members of the FPS can share their favourite photographs taken in and around Fleet Pond nature reserve.  The rules can be found here Gallery Rules

We will aim to update the photographs on a regular basis, at least monthly. Send your photographs to membersgallery@fleetpond.org.uk together with your name and a short caption to accompany the photograph. We look forward to seeing your photographs and sharing the beauty of Fleet Pond with others.

Check out the gallery so far, it can be found under the Galleries Page.

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YouTube Videos – we have our own link

Committee member, John Sutton, of Clearwater Photography has made some excellent videos showing the work we do at Fleet Pond. You can find them by clicking here on the link below.  Please subscribe to our channel, then any new videos we post will appear in your subscription feed.

Our work around Fleet Pond

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Free Fleet Pond App available now for Apple and Android devices

See all the routes around the Pond, the points of interest closest to where you are at any given time, photos, all the entry points and so much more.

Click here for full info and to download it.

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