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Fab four ran the half marathon on our behalf

Our fab four runners completed the Fleet Half Marathon course in style.  Thank you!

Please visit the News page on this site for details of how our runners got on and how you can still sponsor them.  We are very grateful for all fundraising we receive.


Hart District Council Chairman’s Award

 Fleet Pond Society’s Volunteer of the Year 2016 – Michael Thompson

Many congratulations to Michael who was presented with his well-deserved award by Councillor Stephen Parker at the Society AGM.  Please read the full citation below.

The Chairman’s Award was set up by Councillor Sharyn Wheale, during her time as Hart Council Chairman in 2009.   The aim is to recognise the voluntary contribution made over the preceding year to Fleet Pond or to the Society.   The Fleet Pond Society Executive Committee is set the task of choosing a deserving volunteer.

The Society always tries to select someone whose work behind the scenes is not clearly visible or has not been fully recognised.

The choice for Volunteer of the Year 2016 is someone who has given the Society dedicated support for several years at both the monthly conservation management tasks and at the regular Friday tasks.   He is known as the one man who can start a bonfire in all weathers to dispose of all the cut material from a work session.     His dedication extends to staying with a fire until it has been safely extinguished while the other volunteers return tools and equipment to the workshop.

He has donated his annual leave time to help with big construction projects like the Lions View platform on the eastern side of the pond and the pond dipping platforms at The Flash pool and Hemelite Bay.

This volunteer has led groups of visiting school and young peoples’ groups for educational visits, including pond dipping, bug hunting and natural world experiences.

Justly deserving recognition as the Volunteer of the Year is Michael Thompson.


 Photographic Competition 2017


‘Beauty and the not so…’

This year’s theme is a “warts and all” celebration of celebration of all aspects of Fleet Pond Nature Reserve from the beautiful to the still eye-catching but not so cute.

Get out and get clicking around the Fleet Pond Reserve.

For full details on how to enter the competition, please click here.


Conservation Sundays

We started 2017 with a task on 8th. January working at Wood Lane Heath, Fugelmere Marsh and all that is between, on a mission to increase connectivity between these habitats as a wildlife corridor. It involved thinning Bog Myrtle, cutting down willow & birch and dragging cut material to a fire site on Fugelmere Marsh.

The dates for the next two months are:

14th May, 11th June

As usual our volunteers will assemble at the Countryside Workshop, Old Pump House Close, Fleet, GU51 3DA at 9.00 a.m.   If you wish to join a task you will need to book your place with the Countryside Ranger and further details can be found at Conservation Tasks page.  Nick Macfarlane is the ranger with special interest in Fleet Pond.

The Last of the Summer Wine Team

The Last of the Summer Wine team morphed into the Time Team as we excavated a WWII site at the Pond. These concrete slabs were placed in situ when the land was owned and used by the military. From the shape of them, our thoughts are that they were supports for large fuel tanks. If anyone knows, please share with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t unearth any interesting artifacts except possibly the remains of their china loo!

Chairman’s Views

You might not be surprised to hear that I was again voted as Chairman for 2017/18.  This will therefore be my 18th year in this role, far too long in my estimation, but I will do my best to continue to serve the Society and the Pond.   We would very much like to see a few new faces on the committee.  Anyone who would like to consider joining us would be welcome to come to one of our committee meetings to meet the committee and see if you can help.  We have recently welcomed Nita Kruse as Secretary and Shane England as Treasurer.

William Legge has compiled a fascinating list of all the bird species spotted on Fleet Pond between 1970 and 2016.  You can click below to see this interesting document.  It is also on the Wildlife Page.

A Checklist of the Birds of Fleet Pond_June-2016 (1) (1)

Fleet Pond Blog

Visit our blog for some interesting articles relating to the Pond.


About the Fleet Pond Society

Fleet Pond Society (FPS) is the voluntary group that exists to protect and manage Fleet Pond Nature Reserve.  From our birth on 28th April 1976 up to the formation of the Hart Countryside Service in 1994, virtually all management was by volunteers under FPS guidance.

Our readiness to seek advice and expert guidance on the conservation management of a Site of Special Scientific Interest earned us the respect of Natural England, the controlling body for important wildlife sites. Today we work in a close and positive relationship with the Hart District Council Countryside Rangers to ensure best use is made of the voluntary resources FPS can provide.

Our volunteers work to maintain the diversity of wildlife habitat at the Reserve. This includes keeping the open heath and marsh areas free of invasive species; clearing footpaths of overhanging vegetation; repairing fences and strengthening the banks of streams against erosion.

Some of our donation and sponsorship funds have provided new facilities for the public, including a pond dipping platform, bench seats along footpaths and the popular viewing area, ‘Lions’ View’, on the eastern side of the Pond.

The Society relies for its income on a healthy membership that supports it through an annual subscription.  Local people and organisations have made donations recognising the value of Fleet Pond as a safe haven for wildlife and a valuable community amenity for visitors from Fleet and the adjacent towns.

FPS has also benefited from money raised through sponsored walks and cycle rides. Fleet Carnival Committee, Fleet Morning Townswomen’s Guild, Neale Turk LLP and Fleet Lions Club are some recent examples of organisations sponsoring specific projects.

To learn how you can help Fleet Pond Society go to the following pages:

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