Fleet Pond is the largest freshwater lake in Hampshire. The nature reserve has 141 acres (57ha) of varied habitats including heathland, woodland, reedbed and marsh, and is home for many species of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and wild flowers. The Pond itself is 52 acres (21ha) so covers some 35% of the total area of the reserve.  Most of reserve (48acres) is designated as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of the diversity of flora and fauna.  Only Wood Lane Heath has not yet benefited from this designation but is a Site of Importance to Nature Conservation (SINC).  Brookly Wood was added to the Local Nature Reserve status in 1977.   The whole area was notified a Local Nature Reserve in 1977 bringing further protection and helping to define its role as a valuable local amenity.

Our new guide leaflet is now available at Fleet Library and from the FPS Chairman. It was sponsored by Neale Turk Solicitors, Fleet
Our new guide leaflet is now available at Fleet Library and from the FPS Chairman. It was sponsored by Neale Turk LLP, Fleet

The reserve is an important part of British heritage and deserves our help to protect it.   Watch the video below to see Chris Packham produced in 2010 which explained why Fleet Pond is so important.   This launched the Clearwater Campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the threats and seeking help to defend the SSSI protection this area needs.  The subsequent video narrated by Cathy Holden, FPS Publicity Officer, will tell you of the achievements made so far. You can view it here

Fleet Pond is owned by Hart District Council and managed in partnership between Hart Countryside Service and Fleet Pond Society, which provides generous voluntary support to the Countryside Rangers as well as offering exciting volunteer opportunities for the local community.

The Fleet Pond Restoration Project is run in partnership between Hart District Council, Fleet Pond Society, Natural England and the Environment Agency. The work to further restore Fleet Pond Nature Reserve to a healthier and more valuable amenity for wildlife and people continues.

We are proud to announce that Fleet Pond achieved the Green Flag status once again in 2016.

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See the following link for details about Fleet Pond on the Hart Council website. HDC – Fleet Pond

For further details on the location of Fleet Pond, accessibility, parking and directions,   see Visit Fleet Pond.