Fab Four ran Fleet Half Marathon for FPS

Four runners, Dan Franklin, Lauren Saxby, Immie Sutherland and James Wicks  have successfully completed the Fleet Half Marathon on our behalf. They were brilliant!

This event took place on Sunday 19th March 2017, and attracted 3,500 runners. We were thrilled that FPS was named local charity by the organisers.

We hope that you will support the great efforts of these fantastic four by sponsoring them and raising funds for FPS.  Sponsorship details are below.

Here are the before and after photos of our fab four.

Before the start:

At the end, proudly displaying their medals.



Immie and Lauren

These are our runners, in their own words:-

Dan Franklin

Dan writes: “In terms of training, I normally run about 4 miles daily throughout the year as part of a regular training regime.

I’m stepping this up to occasional longer runs of around 7-9 miles throughout January and February, but scaling it back again to shorter runs in the weeks leading up to the half marathon.

This will be the ninth consecutive time I’ve run the Fleet half, so hopefully I might achieve a personal best. I’m delighted to be running on behalf of Fleet Pond Society and hope to raise a decent sum.”


Lauren Saxby

Lauren writes: “I’m running the Fleet Half-Marathon because I’ve lived in the town all my life, and the race has passed close to my house every year. It seems a part of Fleet life, like the Carnival.

I’ve always enjoyed running, and decided to take on the half-marathon challenge this year. Once I had made the decision, it was obvious to me that it was a chance to raise some money for FPS as the Pond is another big part of Fleet that I’ve enjoyed over those years.

When I was younger, I volunteered at the Pond. Both my mum and brother have raised money through charity events for FPS*, so it seemed a good incentive to encourage me to get out and run.

I’m fairly active, riding horses mostly, and am aiming to get round my first half marathon and raise some funds for FPS.”

Lauren’s Mum, Mandy, is a member of the FPS Committee and has raised funds for the Society through a 24 hour walk round the Pond in 2011 and a trek in Cambodia in 2015.  Her brother Ryan raised money for the Clearwater Campaign in 2012 by having his long hair shaved off. Lauren is carrying on a family tradition of supporting the Society.


Immie Sutherland

Immie writes: “Fleet Pond has always been very special to me as a place to walk, play, run, bird-watch and volunteer over the years. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to run and fundraise for Fleet Pond Society and give something back to a place that is so valuable to Fleet and the surrounding area.

This will be my third Fleet Half Marathon, but this year will be a little different because I’ll be running dressed as a swan.

My training currently consists of sessions in a nicely warm gym, but as we move into February you’ll spot me running around Fleet and racing the Bramley 10 as a warm-up.”


James Wicks

James writes: “This year I will be running the Fleet Half Marathon dressed as a swan!

I am running to raise money for the Fleet Pond Society as it is a cause close to the hearts of my parents-in-law, Nick and Margaret Keeley. They live close to Fleet Pond and are regular walkers with their dog, Dylan. Nick is on the Society’s Committee and volunteers a lot of his time to the Fleet Pond Society. He has just stepped down as Treasurer after many years.

I am now half way through my training which hasn’t been easy, particularly after the new arrival of our first child Erin who is just 15 weeks old.

If you would like to sponsor me and help raise much needed funds for the Fleet Pond Society to continue its great work I would be ever so grateful!”


Hart District Council Chairman’s Award

 Fleet Pond Society’s Volunteer of the Year 2016 – Michael Thompson

Many congratulations to Michael who was presented with his well-deserved award by Councillor Stephen Parker at the Society AGM.  Please read the full citation below.

The Chairman’s Award was set up by Councillor Sharyn Wheale, during her time as Hart Council Chairman in 2009.   The aim is to recognise the voluntary contribution made over the preceding year to Fleet Pond or to the Society.   The Fleet Pond Society Executive Committee is set the task of choosing a deserving volunteer.

The Society always tries to select someone whose work behind the scenes is not clearly visible or has not been fully recognised.

The choice for Volunteer of the Year 2016 is someone who has given the Society dedicated support for several years at both the monthly conservation management tasks and at the regular Friday tasks.   He is known as the one man who can start a bonfire in all weathers to dispose of all the cut material from a work session.     His dedication extends to staying with a fire until it has been safely extinguished while the other volunteers return tools and equipment to the workshop.

He has donated his annual leave time to help with big construction projects like the Lions View platform on the eastern side of the pond and the pond dipping platforms at The Flash pool and Hemelite Bay.

This volunteer has led groups of visiting school and young peoples’ groups for educational visits, including pond dipping, bug hunting and natural world experiences.

Justly deserving recognition as the Volunteer of the Year is Michael Thompson.





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The next Conservation Task morning is Sunday, 12th February 2017. For further details on how to get involved, where to meet and timings, see Conservation Tasks.


See Clearwater Campaign  for details on how our Campaign is progressing.