2017 Photographic Competition Results

Theme was:

‘Beauty and the not so…’

This year’s theme is a “warts and all” celebration of celebration of all aspects of Fleet Pond Nature Reserve from the beautiful to the still eye-catching but not so cute.

Congratulations to the Winner, Marcus Platt; Runner-up, Jim Munday; Highly Commended – Chris Marney, Fiona Auld and Stephen Coughlan; People’s Choice, Susanne Leyh

Please see all the photos below, along with the reason why the judge chose them.

Winner – Marcus Platt     A stunningly beautiful scene but with the dark and menacing storm clouds overhead.

Runner up – Jim Munday Great crested Grebe with Catch: –  The sheer beauty of the Grebe juxtaposed with the less palatable notion of the death of another living creature.

The following three photos are all Highly Commended.

Chris Marney:  MacDonald’s Duck – The beauty of the duckling in the sunlight contrasts with the ugly litter discarded in the Pond.

Stephen Coughlan – The grace and elegance of the swan against a murky backdrop.

Fiona Auld:  Not so ugly ducklings – Challenging the notion of “ugly ducklings”.

This photo won the ‘People’s Choice’ voted by those attending the AGM

The People’s Choice Susanne Leyh – Heron