Financial Reports

The trustees of Fleet Pond Society consider that an Independent Examination of its accounts is good practice, although this is not required by the Charities Commission because of the level of our activities. Our Annual Report and Accounts are always independently examined.

For details of the main achievements in previous years and/or copies of our annual reports and accounts, please contact our secretary on

Our annual accounts for 2019/20 have been formally examined and signed off by the Executive Committee. You can download them, annual report and accounts 20-21

The work of the Society was severely curtailed by the various Government restrictions on public activities that were put in place this year to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. When possible the Society has continued the voluntary management activity at Fleet Pond, including habitat management and repair and upgrade of paths and protective fencing.

This year has been quite unusual for the amount of donations we received which totalled roughly £23,000. This has been received as a result of bequests and money in lieu of flowers at funerals of our members and donations from the Co-op and the Virgin Money Foundation. Also a local young lady did a sponsored cycle ride for us. However the biggest source was a bequest of £20,000 from the estate of Patsy Welford. We have agreed with her executors that a new path will be built down a particularly awkward slope to improve accessibility.