Raising Money


If you would like to support Fleet Pond Society by taking part in the lottery scheme recently launched by Hart District Council please go here.

From Hart District Council:

“Hart District Council has launched a new online lottery, the Hart Lottery, to benefit good causes in Hart by providing a great way to raise additional funds.

The Hart Lottery was launched to good causes at an event at the District Council offices on Tuesday 9 May and was attended by over 50 people representing over 30 local good causes…

Tickets cost just £1 each and about 60% goes back to local good causes, in comparison to just 28% contributed by the National Lottery. The remaining 40% goes back into the prize fund and pays for the running costs.

Players can nominate a specific good cause to benefit in which case 50 pence of their £1 ticket goes to that nominated good cause. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week. This includes an incredible £25,000 jackpot prize if all six numbers are matched, as well as various other cash prizes.

The Lottery will be live for ticket sales in June and the first Hart Lottery draw will be in July.”

Talks about Fleet Pond

Fleet Pond Society Chairman, Colin’s email is available for talks about Fleet Pond.
No set fee is charged, but a donation to Fleet Pond Society would be appreciated. For talks outside Hart District it might be necessary to charge travel expenses.

Please contact Colin Gray if you would be prepared to have a FPS collection box in your establishment. All donations towards our cause would be gratefully received.

If you have further idea’s for raising money for the FPS conservation tasks, please contact Colin Gray Colin’s email. We welcome all suggestions.