Conservation Tasks

Volunteers are always welcome to join our monthly working parties at the Pond. They take place on the second Sunday of each month, with the exception of November, when it will be on the first Sunday due to Remembrance Sunday. July and August are rest months with no Sunday tasks. We encourage all groups of voluntary organisations including scouts, guides and those taking their Duke of Edinburgh awards to help out during these Sunday morning sessions.

The tasks are organised by Hart Countryside Rangers. To join, volunteers must complete the Hart online form through this link  Once your form has been submitted, you will be sent details of the events planned on all the Hart Countryside sites.  Volunteers should then email  to notify the Rangers of their wish to attend the session at Fleet Pond.

Dates for 2022

13th March

10th April

8th May

12th June

We assemble at the site where work is to be carried out at 09.00 to start work at 09.15. Tasks expected to finish at 13.30.  The map above names areas in which we regularly work. Please bring your own refreshments.

Unfortunately for Health & Safety reasons we cannot accommodate children of less than 14 years at the regular Sunday tasks. Children aged 14-15 years must be accompanied by an adult. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.   Tasks for younger children can be arranged by contacting the ranger.

Click on the photos for larger versions and a gallery showing some of our volunteers in action.

We also offer opportunities for corporate groups or local organisations such as Scouts and Guides to have a separate session. Please contact  Colin Gray for more information or the Hart Countryside Rangers, for further information see Educational Visits.

Please ensure you wear warm, old clothing which is likely to become wet and muddy. Take care when walking as there can be hidden stumps and deep muddy holes when working in the marshland areas, trip snags like bramble runners and fallen branches on heathland.  Protective gloves are recommended.

You can receive information about the task to be done in advance of each date by contacting this email:

Our tools are very sharp so use great care when carrying and using them. Please do not hang bowsaws on stumps or trees where a passing volunteer can walk into them. When not using them place them in a highly visible place.

Training in the correct use of tools is always given before a task is started. We supply a warm drink and the famous high-energy cakes mid-morning. If think you might need a cold drink please bring one with you.  All tools are supplied and we have a stock of wellington boots and protective gloves if you do not have your own.

Click on the photos for larger versions and a gallery showing some more photographs of our volunteers in action.

There is a group of volunteers who carry out a variety of tasks on a Friday morning. Volunteers with experience of working in a Nature Reserve are welcome to join this group.

If you are interested in voluntary work please contact:

We cannot work in the wildlife sensitive areas in the breeding season, March to September. So tasks will include installation and repair of protective fencing, making repairs to stream banks, clearing vegetation from footpaths and any assistance the rangers might require.

The Hart Countryside Rangers will occasionally welcome weekday volunteers for various tasks. These might include clearing paths of vegetation, repairing footpaths, or keeping ditches clear of debris. If you would like to help the rangers please email the Rangers.


Helping Fleet Pond Society

The society can provide opportunities for volunteering in less heavy manual work.   On occasions during the year FPS are invited to have display and recruitment stands at local events.   This involves talking to people about FPS and its work, explaining about membership and how it helps the society to survive or selling small gifts or play items designed for children.  Magnifying viewers, sticker sets, pens and erasers, are examples.

There will be the occasional need to replace a Committee Member who is stepping down or for someone to be co-opted for a limited period for a specific task.

If you would like to be considered for the Committee or just to provide occasional help without a long term commitment, please give your name and contact details to be added to a short list of willing helpers and you will be contacted when a need arises.  Write or e-mail to Chairman at