A Pictorial Review Of 2013

David Pottinger writes:

Here’s a selection of photos from the blog that were published in 2013. It includes some of the the many activities, carried out in close collaboration with Hart Countryside Services, that Fleet Pond Society are active in. A lot more than you might imagine!

If you’d like to support our voluntary activities, please consider becoming a member – we’re always keen on new ones. Joining information is here.

The month that goes with the caption designates the month the picture was published in (in case you’d like to track it down; monthly categories are on the lower rhs of this blog).

Enjoy 🙂


A snowy start to the year (Jan)


A big catch (Feb)

Fleet Pond History Pamphlet p3History of the Pond booklet (Feb)

2013-03-12_11-08-54 HSC

Fleet Pond appears in the Hart Centre (Mar)

2013-03-21_16-54-53 Sandy Bay 1

Diggers at the Pond (Mar)


Skimming with attitude (Apr)

Wood Sorrell

Flowers spotted (May)


Brownies appreciating the new dipping platform (Jun)


Winning a very prestigious award (Jul)

Carnival 2013 - Crew and the Black Swan

Fleet Carnival (Jul)

Colin Gray Carnival 2013

An informal shot of our Chairman, Colin Gray (Jul)

2013-06-27 owl seat

Wood carving at the picnic area (Jul)

2013-08-08_bream 1

Another catch, this time bream (Aug)

SSSI Walk Poster

Our Chairman’s charity challenge – 21 miles in a day! (Aug)

2013-09-22 Colin's Charity Trek

At the end of an exhausting but very successful trek (Oct)

Helen Deakin Award Certificate

A poster for the Lion’s award, received in April (Nov)

2013-12-03_HIWWT NERT

The North East Reserves helping out at the Pond (Dec)

2013-11-18_Premier Inn 1

Fleet Pond helps visitors get a relaxed night sleep (Dec)

2013-12-08_The Firemen

Volunteer firemen (Dec)

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