A Pictorial Review Of 2014

2014-10-24_A Young Volunteer

 Who said driving a tractor was hard?

David Pottinger writes:

Here’s my selection of photos that were published on the blog during 2014 (plus two others). They are mostly in chronological order, January to December.

As you can see, a lot more goes on at the Pond than you might imagine!

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Membership fees help us carry out a wide variety of tasks that extend and complement those carried out by Hart Countryside Services. In addition to this, we also greatly appreciate funds and services kindly provided by a number of local organisations and companies.

On the theme of pictures, please note that the deadline for the FPS Photographic Competition for 2014 is fast approaching – 5 January 2015. You can find the details here. Best of luck!

2014-01-20_Fujitsu Team

The team from Fujitsu helping out in early January


This is the sort of thing that volunteers end up doing!


 The start of the year was unfortunately a bit of a washout


 The photo competition winners for 2013 – see here for a slideshow

FPS 2013 Liza Toth Winner - Small

The overall winner for the 2013 FPS Photographic Competition – Liza Toth

2014-02-26_Eastern Viewpoint 2

 Something unusual being constructed at the Pond!


 BT volunteers together with Rachel Jones, Hart Countryside Ranger

Phill Gower Volunteer of the Year 2013

 FPS Volunteer of the Year for 2013 – Phil Gower

Terry Austin_High Sheriff Award 2014 sm

 FPS stalwart and Deputy Chairman, Terry Austin, receiving a well-deserved award from the High Sheriff of Hampshire

2014-04-04_01 sm

 The Lions’ View taking shape – an attractive new addition to Fleet Pond

2014-04-18_04 Lions View Opening

 The opening ceremony for the Lions’ View

2014-05-31_WD Rescue Hedgehog 2

How surprising – an albino hedgehog!

2014-05-31_WD Parade of Stands

The very popular Wildlife Day at the Pond in May

eagle radio fleet pond

Being interviewed (in the reeds) by Eagle Radio

Woodpecker June 2014

 Bird ringing – a magnificent Green Woodpecker


 Navigating the World Wide Web (Fleet Carnival)


Jim Storey, one of our Committee Members!

2014-09-05 Dimension 1

Dimension Data helping out at the Pond, as they have done for several years – it’s really appreciated!

2014-09-05_Southern Electric 1s

 The enthusiastic team from SSE

2014-09-27_Hedgehogs 3s

Mud no object…volunteers can de a dedicated lot!


 Beavers having a great time at the Pond (September)

2014-09-26_Board at Lions View

Appreciating the info and panorama at the Lions’ View

2014-10-03_Hart Ranger and Cutter s

Ranger Rachel doing some serious reed cutting!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O0m_Y87JpM&w=560&h=315]

Video of sunrise at Fleet Pond (wildlife appears after one minute)

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