A Pictorial Review Of 2015

Cormorants 2 small

Cormorants at Fleet Pond (photo courtesy of Barry Perfect)

David Pottinger writes:

Here’s my selection of photos that were published on this blog during 2015. They are mostly in chronological order, January to December.

They illustrate some of the many ways in which Fleet Pond Society (FPS) benefits and interacts with the local community and, as you can see, a lot more goes on than you might imagine! If you’d like more details of any of the activities, you can track down the original articles via the blog search box on the top rhs.


An impressive panoramic view of Fleet Pond (by Dineshraj Goomany)

If you’d like to support FPS, please consider joining, it’s just £10 a year (with the newsletter emailed) or £15 via post (see here).

Membership fees help us carry out a wide variety of tasks that extend and complement those carried out by Hart Countryside Services. In addition to this, we also greatly appreciate the funds and services kindly provided by a number of local organisations and companies.

On the theme of pictures, please note that the deadline for the FPS Photographic Competition for 2015 is fast approaching – Friday 8 January 2016. You can find the details here. Best of luck!

2014-12-31 Co-op 1

The Co-op Shop in Kings Road raised £550 for FPS’s Clearwater Project

Volunteer of the Year Award 2015

The FPS Volunteer of the Year for 2014 was Hart Ranger Rachel Jones

FPS Photo Comp Winners 2014

The impressive results of the FPS Photographic Competition for 2014

FPS Photo Comp 2014 Terry Austin

The Competition and Rosebowl Winner by Terry Austin (see also preceding picture)

2015-02-08 Sunday Vols 2s

Cathy Holden (FPS Press Officer) with Colin Gray (FPS Chairman) at one of the popular Sunday Volunteer Events


Members of Mackenzie Smith participated in the Fleet Half-Marathon on behalf of FPS raising £542

beavers image2

Young ‘Beavers’ enjoying Fleet Pond


The popular FPS stand at the Fleet Pond Wildlife Day in May

grays bridge dee 5

Bridge building by FPS volunteers – complicated stuff!

2015-05-20_grays bridge 2s

The final product – The Golden Gray Bridge

Carnival Drinks 2015

The participating FPS team at Fleet Carnival (1st Place, Best Walking Float)

Terry and Colin Leaders 2015

Raising money, by fair means or fowl…

RE Bridge 1885

A fascinating old photo of a (military) bridge at Fleet Pond acquired by FPS

2015-07-10_Ringing 01

Bird ringing on an island at the Pond

FPS Web Site 2015

An attractive new website for FPS – take a look here

Fish at the Flash 2s

A surfeit of fish!


Trekking for FPS in Cambodia and raising £596

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