A Typical Sunday Volunteer Event!

We’ve had a number of posts advertising the Sunday volunteer events (schedule here), some before and after photo-shots as well as a volunteer spotlight (search this blog for details). In this post, I’ll go through what happened at the event on December 14, as this is fairly typical.

It starts with everyone assembling at the Countryside Workshop, Old Pump House Close (next to 65 Kenilworth Road) at 9.30. Typically about 8-10 people turn up (both sexes and with a wide range of ages). Tools and equipment suitable for the job at hand are loaded on to the tractor trailer and everyone walks to the site (photo above). When there, the team leader describes the purpose of the task, how it’s going to be carried out and also explains the health and safety aspects. For the event on December 14, the trees in the picture below needed to be cut down.


In mid-morning there is a break for coffee, tea or chocolate plus some amazingly good munchies! As this was the last event before Christmas there were some extra celebrations as well (below).


The event ended by either stacking or burning the trees that were chopped down (below).


Volunteering on a Sunday morning may not sound that enticing but if you like being in the fresh air and working within a friendly team for a good common purpose, it’s certainly something that’s worth thinking about and hopefully giving a try!

The next Sunday volunteer event will be on 11th January 2009.

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