Adder Alert…

This fellow was spotted by Colin Gray recently near Fleet Pond. It was moving slowly as it was a cool morning. It was gently helped across the footpath as there were several dog walkers in the vicinity!

The marshland surrounding Fleet Pond supports a rich diversity of wetland plants. Purple and yellow loosestrife, marsh lousewort, the rarer marsh cinquefoil and many different rushes and sedges are included. These support many different insects, spiders and snails, which in turn provide food for birds, small mammals, frogs and toads. The marshes support Fleet Pond’s two snakes. The grass snake is a good swimmer and finds most of its prey in wetland areas. The adder, more usually associated with dry habitat, is often found hunting in the wetlands where it is less likely to be disturbed by people and dogs.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m jealous the adder and grass snake are on my list of things to photograph round Fleet Pond.
    I narrowly missed capturing a grass snake a couple of weeks back, along with a buzzard of some sort.
    I regularly walk my dogs round Fleet Pond. Been getting some great butterfly pictures and fungi photos over the Summer. In fact I have a posting of fungi piccies going up on my blog next week.
    Nice to see that there is a blog I can follow on events at Fleet Pond.
    My blog is, it’s an outdoors blog, that covers lightweight, hiking, backpacking, gear.
    Well done

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