Beavers Pay A Visit To The Pond

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Above and below are a selection of photos taken when the Hawk Moth Beavers, of the 100th Elvetham Heath Scout Group, visited Fleet Pond last month.

Information on Scouting and the different sections of the above Scout Group can be found on their website here, including:

Scouting is run by volunteers, and all of those involved in the 100th Elvetham Heath Scout Group give their time and skills to make Scouting happen. We always need leaders, assistants and parent helpers to make the evenings possible for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, but other volunteers are also necessary.

If you have a skill, trade or hobby and could spare some time, please let us know.

Many thanks to the Beavers for supplying the photos.

This event provides a good example of one of the many ways that Fleet Pond Society (FPS) helps in raising awareness and appreciation of Fleet Pond Nature Reserve.

If you would like to join FPS, and in so doing help support us in our numerous voluntary activities, please see here.

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