Big Butterfly Count, 20 July – 11 August

Butterfly Count 2013

From the web site above:

The Big Butterfly Count is a nationwide survey aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment. It was launched in 2010 and has rapdily become the world’s biggest survey of butterflies. Almost 27,000 people took part in 2012, counting 223,000 individual butterflies and day-flying moths across the UK.

They have a nice butterfly ID chart as a free download from the site.

Here are some interesting and informative articles on butterflies that can be seen at Fleet Pond:

As an additional source of information, you can watch the Springwatch Guide to Butterflies and Moths this coming Friday (BBC2, 9 pm):

Join the Springwatch team for an in-depth view of the UK’s most colourful and fascinating creatures, with private lives that are often stranger than fiction. Living all over our countryside as well as in our own back gardens, butterflies and moths are the animal world’s ultimate transformers. Filming their extraordinary life-cycles in ultra-close up, the team bring you the latest science on their remarkable adaptations and lifestyles.

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