Bird Ringing At The Pond

2014-05-16_Bird Ringing 1

Martin, from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), can be seen ringing Blue Tits at Fleet Pond SSSI in these photographs taken by Rachel Jones, who was there to assist in this task.

2014-05-16_Bird Ringing 2

Martin is carrying out valuable work recording the bird-life in the Nature Reserve as part of the ongoing Constant Effort Sites Scheme (CES):

The Constant Effort Sites (CES) scheme is the first national standardised ringing programme within the BTO Ringing Scheme and has been running since 1983.  Ringers operate the same nets in the same locations over the same time period at regular intervals through the breeding season at over 120 sites throughout Britain and Ireland.

The Scheme provides valuable trend information on abundance of adults and juveniles, productivity and also adult survival rates for 25 species of common songbird.

Martin successfully netted and ringed 25 species of birds in the reed beds at Fleet Pond a week ago.

2014-05-16_Bird Ringing 3

Please help us look after our bird life by keeping out of the reed beds as birds are nesting. It is very important that dogs are not allowed in the reed bed and marsh areas at this very sensitive time of year for wildlife. Even the very edges are favoured habitat for nesting birds.

Photo credits: Rachel Jones (Hart Countryside Ranger).

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