Bugs, Boatmen And The Brownies


Pond dipping at the new platform

On an evening in early June, a group of 24 Brownies, together with their 3 Leaders, visited Fleet Pond to go bug hunting and pond dipping (see sample pictures above and below).

Vikki Oldham, a Leader with 6th Fleet Brownies, writes:

“As part of their Wildlife Explorer badge, on 5th June the girls from 6th Fleet Brownies headed down for a bit of fun at Fleet Pond. Thankfully we were blessed with a warm and sunny evening, perfect for a spot of bug hunting and pond dipping!

They were all eager to get going and soon set too, poking, prodding, lifting and dipping until their bug pots were full and their nets overflowing. They had a fantastic time and, I’m relieved to say, everyone caught something…even the Leaders! I know the saying goes that little boys love slugs and snails but I can certainly attest that our girls love them too! They also now love weevils, centipedes, water boatmen, worms and backswimmers!

The Brownies had a great time with Colin and Louise, who were fabulous and really got the girls interested in the creatures they were finding. They were proudly telling their parents what they’d caught as they headed for home. I’d never thought I’d hear a child so excited to find a maggot!”


Investigating what’s there


It looks like they’ve found something!

The new dipping platform was sponsored by Fleet Townswomen’s Guild, and built by volunteers from Fleet Pond Society. The platform was officially opened by ladies from the Guild at the recent Wildlife Open Day.

The platform is situated at the corner of the Pond in the vicinity of the Dimension Data building and Fleet Railway Station (see below).


The new pond-dipping platform

Photo credits: David Pottinger

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