Chris Packham At Fleet Pond

Chris Packham Being Filmed At The Conair Building

On Monday 17 May, Chris Packham paid a visit to Fleet Pond to take part in a video shoot. Chris is the Patron of Fleet Pond Society (FPS) and is regularly seen on BBC TV in wildlife programmes such as Springwatch.

The video, being produced for FPS by the local company Big Yellow Feet, will be part of the Clearwater Campaign and will be available shortly on this blog, YouTube and the FPS web site. For information on the reason for the Clearwater Campaign please see the brochure ( Clearwater-Side-1 and Clearwater-Side-2 ), various posts on this blog and here.

Stunning View Of The Pond From The Top Of The Conair Building

There were two main shooting locations – one on top of the Conair building on Waterfront Business Park, near the railway station, that borders the pond and allows some spectacular high-level views and also the popular location, Sandy Bay.

Kelly, The Very Friendly And Helpful Conair Receptionist

We’re very grateful to the Finance Director of Conair for allowing us to shoot the video from the top of their building as well as to Conair staff for being helpful and welcoming on the day.

Discussing The Shoot At Sandy Bay, Together With Three Countryside Rangers

After filming at the Conair building, we moved on to Sandy Bay, where we were joined by three of Hart District Council’s Countryside Rangers. In the photo above we have from left to right: Byron Vaisey (video), Chris Packham, Terry Austin (FPS and script) and Rangers, Tim, Leigh and Joanna.

At the end of the shoot, when Chris was saying his goodbyes, there was an amusing chat between Chris and the Rangers Joanna and Leigh as it turned out that they had been inspired by some of Chris’s earlier programs on the TV, including the ‘Really Wild Show‘, to take up a career in conservation, wildlife and the environment!

Shooting At Sandy Bay

The video will be available for viewing in the next few weeks.

Photo credits: David Pottinger

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