Clearwater Campaign Funds And The Pond Restoration Project

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Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society (FPS), writes:

Questions have been raised by FPS supporters about the wording of the recent press release from Hart District Council concerning the return of the dredgers for the next phase of the Restoration Project.

The article, which featured in the Autumn/Winter 2012 copy of Hart News (see above), says:

“Fleet Pond Society’s ‘Clearwater Campaign’ helps promote awareness of the situation at Fleet Pond and raises voluntary funding towards projects not contained in the present Fleet Pond Restoration Project.”

This unfortunately gives the impression that Clearwater Campaign funds are not part of the Restoration Project. This is, however, not correct. Clearwater Campaign funds are an important element of the Restoration Project because they will be spent on projects not covered by the funds raised by Natural England, the Environment Agency and Hart District Council.

To give just one example, the Clearwater Campaign money will pay for the construction of an “aquatic nursery” in the southern section of the pond. An area will be separated from the main pond by a geotextile curtain and  the larger fish removed and placed in the main pond. This will give aquatic plants and animals to thrive and be a “reservoir” of diverse flora and fauna to repopulate the main pond when water quality and clarity has been improved.

Ed. We hope this clears up any possible confusion but if you have any further queries or questions, please leave a comment below.

A digital version of Hart News can be found here, a hardcopy version was also distributed within the district.

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