Dipwells at Fleet Pond – The Fun Part!


I appreciate that dipwells sound very serious and specialist but there is a fun side to them as well…

Mandy Saxby writes:
I answered Colin Gray’s plea for help with taking measurements at the dipwells two and a half years ago. The measurements are taken every week, and I alternate with Terry (Austin).

There are 9 dipwells that run in a line from the Wood Lane Heath to the edge of the pond not far from the car park (see map in previous post). The first 2 are fairly easily accessible being on the heath, but the rest are in varying depths of marsh and bog and in the winter you can almost guarantee getting a boot full of wonderful black water/gunge. Nos 6 and 7 are the most remote…

Note: Colin Gray is the Chairman of Fleet Pond Society.

Terry Austin writes:
Mandy had often complained (tongue in cheek) that it was a pity that you couldn’t enjoy the ‘dipwelling’ a bit more, say by relaxing with a glass of wine and a sit-down in the summer sun! This seemed near impossible to do as the locations are generally fairly difficult to get to, let alone accompanied by two chairs and a table. However I thought the effort would be worth it just to see the expression on Mandy’s face – see the photo above for the result!

So, you see, there’s a fun and human side to everything, even difficult scientific measurements!

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