Dog Warden Service And Fleet Pond

For information:

Fleet Pond welcomes responsible dog owners and their dogs.  We hope you will continue to enjoy the nature reserve and its wildlife.

Sadly there is a minority who seem unwilling to accept that a dog can be a serious threat to the wildlife on a nature reserve and who will allow their pet to chase or harass ducks, swans and the deer.  Others fail to remove dog mess or leave it lying about in plastic bags.  The latter can be worse than not bagging it as someone else has to remove it.

If you should witness irresponsible behaviour by a dog owner, please report this to Hart District Council’s Dog Warden Service.  Try to make a note of the breed of dog and a description of the owner.

The Dog Warden Service contact details are as follows:

Monday – Friday

0830-1630 hours (during office hours)

1700-0100 hours (Out of Hours) – collection of stray dogs

The Dog Warden administration telephone number is 01252 774421

Weekends and Public Holidays

0900-0100 hours (Out of Hours) – collection of stray dogs

If you are reporting a stray dog outside of office hours please call 0845 677 0678

Dangerous or Aggressive Dogs:

Should you have concerns or a complaint regarding a dangerous dog, or if you have been harmed by a dog call the police; if your dog has been attacked by another dog, report the incident to the Council’s Dog Warden.

The web link to the Hart Dog Warden service is here.

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