Fleet Pond Circa 1908!

As part of the recent Fleet Centenary events, a free event programme and guide booklet to Fleet was produced. It contained reproductions from an old Guide to Fleet booklet. This booklet is not dated, but information in it shows that it was written about 1908.

Here’s an interesting excerpt:
“One of Fleet’s chief attractions is the large sheet of water known as Fleet Pond, between which the railway lines run on an embankment. Various suggestions have been put forth as to its existence, but no doubt it has been a miniature lake for many years. The pond belongs to the military authorities for training purposes, but it is practically free to the public, and delightful walks can be had through shady trees and leafy groves. Severe weather, too, in winter, sometimes forms a great attraction, as when frozen over the pond makes an ideal skating rink. To children the pond had its special charm, as with a little imagination, and a spade and bucket, the small fry can readily suppose they are on the sand at the seaside”

Further historical information can be found via The Fleet & Crookham Local History Group.

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