Fleet Pond Featured At The New Premier Inn

2013-11-18_Premier Inn 1

A large and attractive picture of Fleet Pond in the entrance and reception area of the new hotel (click to enlarge)

David Pottinger writes:

In early October, and just prior to opening, volunteers from the new Premier Inn in Fleet took on a conservation task at the Pond, which was greatly appreciated (see team photo below and more photos here).

An impressive aspect of the new hotel that might not be well-known is that it features many pictures taken around the Pond, which is a really nice touch. For interest, some of these pictures are presented above and below (click photos to enlarge).

The strapline for the picture above is:

“Absorb the outstanding natural beauty of Fleet Pond. Then catch up on your beauty sleep with a great night’s sleep, guaranteed.”

2013-11-18_Premier Inn 2

Two pictures that are featured in the dining area


A closer view: Jetty by Mark Holroyd (see also here)

2013-11-18_Fleet Pond Dusk

A closer view: Fleet Pond Dusk by Paul Marshall

2013-10-02_Premier Inn 3

The Premier Inn team at the conservation event in October

Photo credits: with the kind permission of Premier Inn.

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