Fleet Pond Restoration Project: Progress Update 2

Pontoon Plus Crane In The Afternoon Sun

Matthew Johns, of Johns Associates, writes:

Hart District Council has successfully appointed it’s preferred contractor to take forward the Fleet Pond restoration works. This is WM Longreach.

The Tug Towing The Pontoon Plus Crane

The first phase of the works has commenced this week, starting with the delivery of materials and equipment, establishment of the construction compound and marking out of the boundaries of the dredging and island creation areas.

Sections Of The Pontoon Arriving By Lorry

The main dredging pontoons and tug were launched into the pond via a crane last Saturday (25th February).

The Tug

Works to dredge parts of the lake and create the first set of islands will then continue until the end of March 2012.

The Crane Being Loaded On To The Pontoon

Fleet Pond Rangers will be putting information on the boards around the pond and will be on hand to advise on safety aspects.

This is the start of very exciting times for all involved with Fleet Pond!

Ed. Matt’s introductory post on the Restoration Project is here.

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Photo credits: Michelle Salter (top and bottom), the smaller one was provided via Matt Johns and the remaining two are from me.

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