Grand Opening Of The New Jetty

Celebrating A Brand New Jetty

Cathy Holden writes:

The opening of anything at Fleet Pond is always a chance for celebration and the new jetty recently opened was no exception. The jetty was the brain child of Terry Austin, a member of the Fleet Pond Society Committee and leader of the offshoot volunteers, the ‘Last of the Summer Wine‘ team. Terry, along with Mandy Saxby reads all the dipwells and this jetty will allow them to launch the boats easily to get to the more inaccessible ones.

Trying The Jetty Out!

The wood for the uprights was kindly donated by Fawns Recreational Services of Farnborough and the Fleet Pond Society bought the decking planks.

Mud Everywhere…

The Fleet Pond Rangers were a big part of this project too, digging out all the mud in the first place and hiring and operating the hole boring machine. This hole made placing the uprights in the correct position a much easier job.

Many man hours of work went into this project and the Society is very grateful for the assistance of the Rangers and the ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ team for their hard work in bringing it to completion.

Phill Gower With One Of The Donated Tabards

A very big thank you must also go to Phill Gower of Cove Industries who donated the smart fluorescent green tabards we are all wearing saying ‘Fleet Pond Volunteer’.

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