HSBC Volunteers Help Improve Fleet Pond

Fleet Pond On A Beautiful Sunday Morning

Mina Bhogaita, Branch Manager of HSBC Camberley, writes:

Debbie Stephens, our Branch Community Champion, had the good idea of organising an HSBC volunteer event at Fleet Pond. She contacted Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society, to progress this and HSBC were welcomed with open arms!

The HSBC Team

So it was that on a cold, frosty but beautifully blue-skied Sunday morning last October, a team of 10 HSBC volunteers took to the Pond to help out with the FPS conservation event for that day. All the HSBC staff very generously took the time out of their busy weekend schedules to join in but greatly enjoyed the event and there were smiles and laughs all round!

A Tree About To Come Down

Cutting Shrub At The Edge Of The Reed Bed

This was the first such community project that the staff at Camberley have been involved in, and even though it was quite hard work, everyone had a really good time and were very satisfied with the final result. I’m very proud of my team and we’re all very glad that we’ve been able to make a positive difference to such a beautiful and natural location.

I’d also like to say a massive thank-you to the people from FPS and to Rachel Jones from Hart Countryside Services for making our volunteering day such a big success.

There’s No Smoke Without Fire! Burning The Shrub (From A Distance)

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Photos: David Pottinger

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