Important – Consultation On Amenities At Fleet Pond

Hart District Council have recently prepared, with the help of an independent researcher, a ‘Fleet Pond Customer Needs Report’. The Steering Group for this report includes the Environment Agency, Fleet Pond Society (FPS), Hart District Council, and Natural England.

The objectives of this report are:

  • To identify areas of potential improvements to the visitor experience (at Fleet Pond)
  • To produce designs and visualisations of potential improvements
  • To provide cost estimates against improvements and components
  • To invite comment on these ideas, and submission of others.

Some of the ideas for improvements to the amenities suggested by the consultants for Fleet Pond are radical departures from the current situation, which FPS feels are inappropriate for a nature reserve. Consequently FPS encourages all interested readers to read through this document and to respond to Hart with their own views.

Any decisions made may have a lasting consequence so now is the time to raise any issues you may have.

Hard copies of the report will be available to the public in Fleet Library and the Fleet Civic Offices from 7th December. It is also available for download here.

The consultation will take place from 7th December 2012 to 20th January 2013.

Hart District Council will analyse all responses to this report and, taking these views into account, then create a visitor strategy for Fleet Pond Nature Reserve covering the next few years.

You can respond to the consultation by emailing:

Alternatively you can post your responses to:

Fleet Pond Visitor Strategy Consultation,
Leisure and Environmental Promotion
Civic Offices, Harlington Way,
Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 4AE

Hart would be grateful if you could highlight the paragraph or page that you are referring to in order for them to see your comments in context.

If you would like to discuss any of the matters raised with FPS directly, prior to responding, please contact the FPS Chairman, Colin Gray, who would be delighted to hear your views and comments.

Contact details: phone 01252 616183 or email Colin Gray.

0 thoughts on “Important – Consultation On Amenities At Fleet Pond

  1. I have just read the proposals for the Fleet Pond, what a load of utter nonsence.

    “To the north and western perimeters of the lake, the path passes close to the lake
    giving attractive views over the reed beds and across the lake. In this area the path
    receives good levels of sunlight in the day, and is well maintained with provision of
    benches and waste bins.”

    I agree, lets get some more bins up, it might stop poeple leaving there dogs mess hanging off branches on trres and throwing the bags on the paths.

    “The lack of commercialisation of the nature reserve, ”

    The Fleet Pond has become a victim of its own success due to massive advertising,which has brough a lot of problems to the pond such as vandalism.

    “The car park and access track: the access track to Fleet Pond is in a state of quite
    significant disrepair. The car park can also appear unkempt, with areas of high
    vegetation obscuring sightlines. This can make first time visitors feel unsure of whether
    they are in a public space, and uncertain of their personal safety.”

    I agree the access road does need re surfacing as it is in state of disrepair.

    “vegetation obscuring sightlines. This can make first time visitors feel unsure of whether
    they are in a public space, and uncertain of their personal safety.”

    A lot of the habitat has been ruined for the wildlife due to cutting back a lot of the vegitation by the car park. Before the vegitation was cut back it was hiome to Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaffs, Long Tailed Tits, Wrens Robins.

    “Perimeter signage: at the car park entrance, signage from the main road is unclear,
    and the welcoming sign is in a state of disrepair. At many of the footpath entrances,
    there is no welcoming or information signage, only lists of restricted activities. This can
    also lead to feelings that visitors are not welcome on the nature reserve.”

    What a load od rubbish, there is a sign on the Fleet Road directing people to the pond, then another sign over the rail bridge directing people to the car park !

    There are also signs at local roundabouts directing people to the area .

    Why spend money on improving the pic nic area, when it will just get vandalised and burnt again ?

    1. Hi Aaron

      Many thanks for your interesting comments, which I’ve circulated to FPS Committee Members. I think it’s very helpful for blog readers to hear what users think (hopefully prior to a formal response to Hart). Naturally we’d be very grateful if you could bring this topic to the attention of any colleagues who use the Pond (perhaps on an occasional basis) and who may not be fully aware of these (consultative) proposals. FPS/Hart will be putting a leaflet drop in Pondtail on this matter through December to further encourage a lively response!

      David Pottinger

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