Impressive New Views Of The Pond

2014-06-21_Car Park 1

The second storey of the new car park at Fleet Station is now open (see above in the background, painted green) and you can get some impressive views of the Pond from there. Here are some example shots. The next time you park there, it’s worth taking a stroll to appreciate the different scenes.

2014-06-21_Car park 2

The dipping platform is in the foreground right

2014-06-21_Car Park 3

2014-06-21_Car Park 4

 The aquatic nursery can be seen in this shot

2014-06-21_Car Park 5

 The islands can be clearly seen in the distance

2014-06-21_Car Park 6

A fishing jetty is in the foreground

Photo credits: David Pottinger

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