Keep An Eye Out For FPS In The Fleet Carnival Procession This Saturday

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The Fleet Carnival Grand Procession is taking place this Saturday, 2nd June (14:00 – 17:30), and Fleet Pond Society (FPS) will be taking part. The procession route this year is given in the map above (please click to enlarge).

Full details on the 2012 Carnival can be found on the website, Facebook and Twitter. There are a wide variety of events planned from Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June, so please take a look!

All profits raised from the carnival for 2011 were dedicated to FPS’s Clearwater Campaign, so a very special occasion for the society. This resulted in a magnificent cheque for £2,500 (see above)!

Fleet Pond Society have had some memorable floats in previous years (see below).

Why not come along and see what we’ve created for 2012?

From 1995

From 2011

Picture credits: 2011 (Louise Isaacs).

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