Keep An Eye Out For These Attractive Flowers


Month of March: Lesser Celandine

David Pottinger writes:

Michelle Salter, Secretary of Fleet Pond Society, has previously written a very interesting series of articles on some of the wildflowers that can seen at Fleet Pond during the spring and summer months. They all contain original photography as well as illuminating background information.

Why not keep an eye out for some of these flowers when you next take a walk around the Pond?

Here’s a listing of the articles:

March: Lesser Celandine and the Brookly Stream (see picture above)

April: Marsh Marigold, Cuckoo Flower, Dog-violet & Forget-me-not

May: Bogbean, Garlic Mustard and Skunk Cabbage

June: Yellow Flag Iris, Honeysuckle and Yellow Water-lily

July: Heather, Lichen, Meadowsweet and Yellow Loosestrife

August: Berries, Rosebay Willowherb and Purple Loosestrife

Picture credit: Michelle Salter

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