Keeping An Eye Out For Bats At The Pond

Bats F Pond 22 Sept 13 sm

Rachel Jones, our Countryside Ranger, writes:

“We had another wonderful evening on Friday’s Bat Walk at Fleet Pond with a good turn out of over 20 keen adults and children. Rangers Rachel and Izzy guided them around Fleet Pond which again did not disappoint and with a warm dry evening there was plenty of bat activity throughout.

What a brilliant place Fleet Pond is for bats!

Along the woodland paths we saw and heard Pippistrelles and possibly Brown Long-eared bats. This bat has a faint call and exceptionally sensitive hearing, tricky to spot by eye as it often flys high in the tree foliage.

Then around the far side of the pond closer to the waters edge we had an impressive display from Daubentons. These bats are known as ‘water bats’ as they swoop down across the waters edge using their large feet or tail to catching insects on the waters surface.

We could hear the echolocation ‘raspberry bursts’ on the bat detectors they make when they are very close to and catch an insect. We followed their flight patterns across the water with our torches.”

Ed. It sounds a fascinating evening!

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    1. Hi Aaron

      Thanks for asking.

      Rachel is now full time and is the Grazing Ranger for Hart Countryside Services. She is also a member of the Fleet Pond management team. To avoid any confusion, I’ll use Rachel’s full title of Countryside Ranger (Grazing) in future posts.

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