Magnificent Heron At The Pond

2013-08-03_heron on pole 5

Following on from a recent post on the creative carvings at the picnic area at Fleet Pond, there’s now a totem pole to also take a look at!

At the top there’s an impressive looking heron keeping a watchful eye on the Pond (see above and below).

2013-08-03_heron on pole 6

This picture gives an idea of the size of the totem pole.

2013-08-03_heron on pole 2

A close-up of the carefully carved heron.

2013-08-03_insects on pole 2

Lower down you can see in detail how the carvings have been done.

If you’d like to take a stroll round the pond, there are details of three (short, medium and long) walks here. They are all marked by colour-coded posts.

If you’re walking with a buggy, this post may also be helpful.

Photos: David Pottinger.

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