Minks Don’t Like Swans!


Colin Gray writes:
Last week a lady called from Chestnut Grove (in Pondtail, Fleet) to report an injured swan. She said it was badly hurt and bleeding. I took the car there within ten minutes. The swan was in a bad condition as there was a serious wound across the upper back (our equivalent of the shoulder) just behind the neck. The cut looked quite deep and was bleeding. I wrapped it in a sheet, called Swan Lifeline and took it home to put it in the garage where it would be safe from dogs. I was pleased to note that four dog walkers at the jetty were keeping their dogs away from the bird.

The local (Woking) Swan Lifeline vet ambulance arrived and took the swan away for treatment. They asked me to call them in about 3 or 4 days time for a report.

One of the swan’s eyes looked opaque and I wondered if it might be either blind in that eye or have restricted vision. If so it might have hit power or telephone lines which would account for the nature and depth of the wound. The vet’s diagnosis will clarify this.

Update: I called Swan Lifeline yesterday. The vet who examined and treated the swan says there were two bites on the birds back of the kind associated with a mink attack. One bite was quite deep. It has been treated and dressed. The swan is still lethargic but is eating well and they hope for a full recovery. It seems we need to think again about some retribution for the local mink population?

Here is a useful link for information on mink (the above picture is taken from this site).

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