More Tips For The Photo Competition!

A Photography Hide Recently Spotted At Fleet Pond

The deadline for this year’s FPS Photography Competition is fast approaching – 31 December 2009!

This year’s categories are:

  • Work or Play
  • Sunrise or Sunset
  • Birds

There are many web sites that offer helpful tips on all aspects of photography. Bearing the competition categories in mind, you might find the following sites helpful (tips for sunrise/sunsets have already been given here):

General: The Photo Tips And Techniques site from Kodak is exceptionally well designed and covers all aspects.

People: There are 30 tips for photographing people here and 19 portrait photography tutorials here.

Birds:  Photographing birds is very tricky! There are 5 steps for getting great bird photos here. The box at the bottom of the right hand sidebar of this blog gives links to some impressive photos taken at Fleet Pond (most are of birds). To get photos of this quality it’s often necessary to use a hide (as above).

We wish you much success with your photography and we’re looking forward to your creative submissions!

Photo credit: Michelle Salter

0 thoughts on “More Tips For The Photo Competition!

  1. Thanks Michelle for taking a photo of my hide at the Fleet Pond, I might just enter some of my Kingfisher photo`s in this years competition.

    The amount of comments I have heard from people as they aer walking past. ” Oh look,someones camping !!”

    “Someones fishing”

    Two, people have correctly identified my “tent” as a bird hide !!

  2. I have entered two of my Kingfisher photo`s along with two other photo`s into the competition. I must get back down to the pond,and look out for the redpolls.

    I have spent a total of about 40 -50 hours in my hide at the pond waiting for the Kingfishers, I can tell you that there are definatly two there. The Kingfisher I have been photographing is a female.I think the oother one might be a male, have you seen the perches I have put in the pond for them ?

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