New Bridge At Guildford Road

2016-01-15 Team at Bridge s

Some of the volunteers that upgraded the Guildford Road bridge

David Pottinger writes:

A team of Fleet Pond Society (FPS) volunteers, lead by Terry Austin, has recently significantly upgraded the bridge at the end of Guildford Road (see pictures below). This involved demolishing the existing one (that was showing it’s age and had no side rails) and inserting a brand new one. It took about a day and a half of effort, including sawing, digging, placing a heavy metal base and making sure everything was level and firm.

Guildford Rd Bridge 2016

The freshly completed bridge

This refurbishment is a good example of the sort of task that FPS carry out at the Pond for the benefit of the local community.

The photos below show the entrance to the bridge (on the rhs) from the road as well as some early users!

Steetview Guildford Rd Bridge

The bridge is at the bottom of the road on the rhs

2016-01-13 Guildford Rd Bridge 1s

A dog walker about to start a walk around the Pond

2016-01-13 Guildford Rd Bridge 2s

Two local Nordic walkers about to set off

FPS carry out this type of work via donations and membership subscriptions (volunteer time is given for free of course but materials need to be bought).

If you would like to support us in our activities, please see Donations or FPS Membership. Alternatively if you would like to volunteer your time and skills, please contact the FPS Chairman Colin Gray.

Top photo courtesy of Geoff Dee, road view taken from Google Street View.

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