Nick’s Bike Ride – Day 1 – Fleet to Thame

Nick’s Route – Day 1

Map: The red line shows the distance Nick has covered today, the green line is the route still to go! 

Nick Keeley writes: 

Many thanks to those who made it to Chestnut Grove early on Sunday morning to wave me off. 

Today wasn’t too difficult and I made it to Thame, a distance of 42 miles, by about a quarter to three. Henley was choc full of Regatta people, so I didn’t stop there long, and pushed on to Pis Hill (yes, really), at the top of the Chilterns, and stopped for a large sandwich and a cold drink. Then I turned the corner and realised that I wasn’t at the top after all, and had another hill to go. It was nice rolling down the other side and on to Thame. 

A bath and a doze at The Spreadeagle put me in the mood for dinner, and more sleep. 

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