Nick’s Bike Ride – Day 8 – Birkenhead to Whitchurch

Nick's Route Day 8

Nick Keeley writes:  

Monday, and many thanks to Angela and Ralph, Francine and Brian, and Christine and Ian for saving me from four nights in hotels. I enjoyed the good food after mediocre to horrible hotel food.  

I left Birkenhead in cooler, damper weather and had an easy ride into Chester, where I stopped for a picnic in the park.  

I faced some horrible hills towards the end of the ride, which wore me out. I then had problems finding a hotel, but eventually reached the Dodington Lodge Hotel in Whitchurch, after riding 45 miles.  

Bath, sleep, then pub meal and an early night.  

Please support Nick as he starts the journey back to Fleet, and help him to reach his target of £2000 by sponsoring him online at:  

Alternatively, you can send a cheque to Colin Gray, 14 Kenilworth Road, Fleet, GU51 3DA, payable to Fleet Pond Society together with your address and email address. Your cheque will not be cashed until after the ride and will be returned if the ride is not completed. Your email address will enable Nick to let you know how the ride goes.

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