Photos From Fleet Pond Wildlife Day 2014

2014-05-31_WD Rescue Hedgehog 2

An albino hedgehog cared for by Hart Wildlife Rescue (see also below)

David Pottinger writes:

Here are a selection of photos taken at the very popular Wildlife Day held at Fleet Pond yesterday plus some brief explanatory captions. Click each picture for a larger version. These and additional photos taken on the day may also be found on the Fleet Pond Society (FPS) Group site on Flickr.

2014-05-31_WD Dipping 3

 Pond dipping at the platform installed last year by FPS (see also here)

2014-05-31_WD Dipping 4

 Pond dipping nearby the platform (seeing what the nets bring up and identifying the results)

2014-05-31_WD FPS Stand

 The FPS stand, supplying information and advice to the public

2014-05-31_WD Bird Box 2

 Making bird boxes was very popular

2014-05-31_WD Fish Measuring 2

 Measuring fish caught earlier in the day by the EA

2014-05-31_WD Fish Small Perch

 All sizes of fish are in the Pond – here are some extremely small perch

2014-05-31_WD Fish Tank 2

 And here are some much larger fish – a very impressive collection!

2014-05-31_WD Investigating The Pond

 EA and FPS members going to investigate the aquatic nursery

2014-05-31_WD Odiham Scouts

 The very popular refreshment stand manned by the Odiham Scouts (who also help out on our conservation activities as well)

2014-05-31_WD Parade of Stands

 The parade of stalls at the Wildlife Day

2014-05-31_WD Carving Dragonfly

 Chainsaw woodcarving – an impressive dragonfly (see also here)

2014-05-31_WD Rescue Hedgehog 1

Introducing the albino hedgehog to the chainsaw carver (see also above top)

Photo credits: David Pottinger

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