Planning Application for Northern Footpath – Important

We have objected to and made comments on the planning application that has been submitted by Hart District Council to widen the path that runs alongside Fleet Pond and the railway station car park.

Comments have to be made by 11 January. You might like to do that on the Planning Portal against reference 20/03004/FUL. Full details can be found here:

These are the main aspects we commented on:

1)      The timing of the proposed works is unacceptable.

2)      The ecological mitigation proposed for the path works is not sufficient and is unacceptable.

3)      The edging design for the path is unacceptable for Fleet Pond SSSI and badly thought out.

4)      The general design of the footpath is poor and could be made more acceptable for visitors.

5)      No control of the loss of trees is being offered.

6)      The application does not comply with planning policy.

Full details on the above  comments: Coms on plan app for NW Path Dec 20_jsV1090121

We were quite surprised when we discovered earlier this week that the application had been submitted in early December 2020. This has made it difficult for us to communicate with you in a meaningful way. There is a substantial amount of documentation in the application. Up to this point we have had some good, constructive liaison with HDC’s Countryside Service and have achieved a number of significant changes to their original plans.

Jim Storey, Chairman, Fleet Pond Society