Recent Volunteer Activities At The Pond

David Pottinger writes:

A wide variety of companies and volunteer groups visit Fleet Pond to carry out conservation activities. These tasks take place during the working week or on the weekend, depending on what is most practicable for the groups involved.

Although these activities make an important contribution to the upkeep of the Pond, they are not always well known to the general public. To give a flavour of these volunteer activities, here are some photos taken at events over the last month or so:

2014-09-27_Hedgehogs 1s

Mucky work is no problem for the Hedgehogs! 27-28 September

The volunteer group known as the ‘Hedgehogs’ (who have connections with Southampton University) are regular annual visitors (see photos above and below). See also a previous post from 2013.

2014-09-27_Hedgehogs 3s

Now it’s time to get cleaned up 🙂

In case you’re thinking of getting involved in the future, I hasten to add that volunteer tasks are typically very straightforward and not at all mucky!

2014-09-28_Hedgehogs 3s

Hedgehogs taking a well earned break: 27-28 September

2014-09-12_FPS Volunteers 2s

Installing a wooden seat at Boathouse Corner: 12 September

The above photo illustrates the work carried out on Friday mornings by the Last of the Summer Wine team (see here and also here).

2014-09-05_Southern Electric 1s

The enthusiastic team of volunteers from SSE: 5 September

The photos above and below provide examples of company events.

2014-08-29_Dimension Data 2s

Dimension Data pay a visit to help clear up one of the islands: 29 August

You can read about volunteer activities carried out by SSE and Dimension Data here and here respectively.

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