Summer Grazing

summer grazing sm

Joanna Lawrence writes:

Summer at Fleet Pond is in full swing now that our cows have arrived on Wood Lane Heath.  The cows, from Miller’s Ark Farm near Odiham, are young males and go by the names Lynx, Lego and Lucas.

They are here to do the important job of eating the Purple Moor grass and the birch saplings which if left would take over on the heath to the detriment of important heathland species such as heather.  This section of heathland habitat is currently in great condition, as shown in botanical and invertebrate surveys that were carried out last summer which came up with some very positive results.  This is largely due to the grazing programme that has been running here since 2004.  Grazing is the traditional form of management for managing heathlands and it also reduces the need for manual management.

The cows are very used to people passing by, but we ask that all dogs be kept on leads when passing through the heath.  There is also plenty of food for them to eat so please do not feed them!

We would also like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all those “lookers” who keep a close eye on the cattle for us, it’s very much appreciated!

If there are any problems with the cattle, please contact the following numbers;

Miller’s Ark Graziers:  01256 701847

Hart Countryside Service Rangers:  01252 623443
Or e-mail;

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