Sunday Volunteer Event: Fact And Fiction

Enjoying Potatoes (Cooked In The Fire) With Butter And Cheese

The Sunday volunteer event on January 8th had another good turn out. As mentioned in a previous post, the aim was to remove birch scrub and saplings from the Dry Heath area. it’s amazing how fast they grow back!

The weather was fortunately very good. When we were at the same area previously, the pond had partially iced over. Of course, last year snow was everywhere.

The fire (for burning the cut scrub) was started early so that we could all enjoy a baked potato or two at the end. We also had a mid-morning snack as well of course – volunteers get treated well 🙂

The picture above shows a part of the completed task – not a sapling in sight! It’s actually quite impressive what a group of people can do in a morning, which is why these volunteer events are so useful for the upkeep of the Pond.

Of course it’s not all work, it’s great just to meet fellow volunteers and to get an catchup as well as to (sometimes) discover unsuspected common interests!

A good example of this was a random chat I had with a colleague which lead on to talking about the Danish TV series currently showing on BBC4, Borgen.

Screenshot From The TV Series Borgen (BBC4)

From this, it turned out we both had a strong common interest in Scandinavian crime fiction (Mankell, Larsson etc). Another colleague who had overheard us chatting then joined in as he had previously worked with a Swedish company and had got interested in the genre that way! It’s amazing how a few random sentences can develop into a really interesting conversation. Anyway, I’m looking forward to discussing these matters further…

Hope to see everybody at the next event on 

Sunday 12th February.

All new volunteers are very welcome!

If you are unable to come to volunteer events but would like to help support Fleet Pond Societyplease consider joining (details on the tab above). We’re always very keen on new members!

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