Sunday Volunteer Event – Tales Of Kilimanjaro, And Lots Of Ants

The conservation event for Sunday 11 March was held at the Dry Heath and focused on cutting down saplings (bottom photo) and then burning them.

Whilst doing this, an area full of very large ant nests was found (above). Colin Gray has previously written an interesting article on the Southern Wood Ant at the pond.

As I’ve remarked in previous posts, it’s fascinating to find out the background and recent activities of some of the volunteers at our Sunday events. It’s much wider than you might expect!

For instance, Alex Bandiera, who’s been with us for about a year now, is an Air Cadet – see also here.

Alex Bandiera

In February of this year Alex and some of his colleagues went to Tanzania for a safari and a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro. This is Africa’s highest mountain (over 19,000 feet above sea level) and is also a dormant volcano. It’s well-known to be a tough climb and many fail – however I’m happy to say that Alex got to the top and has the T-shirt to prove it!

However just to reassure you that it’s not all chat at our events, and as mentioned previously, there’s a picture of the volunteers in action below!

As you can see, we’re a very friendly bunch, and if you feel like joining us on a Sunday volunteer event you’d be very welcome.

The next event is this coming Sunday, 8 April.

General details of these volunteer events are available here.

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