Sunday Volunteer Task – 10 February 2013

Colin Gray writes:

“We will be joined by the 29th Odiham Scouts and the 7th Fleet Guides this Sunday, so it could be a busy morning!  There are two tasks in need of attention and we might decide to break the session into two teams.

On Coldstream Marsh there remains a block of scrub to clear on the bank along the new diversion channel. Up on the Dry Heath there is more birch to clear. Both will probably need waterproof boots in view of recent rains and high water table and on Coldstream it might be best to  wear wellies.

We will assemble as usual at the Countryside Workshop at 9.15 a.m. and head off for Coldstream Marsh. Once at the gate we can  decide who wishes to tackle the Coldstream Marsh task and who would prefer to walk on to the Dry Heath.”

Further details of meeting arrangements and related information can be found here, including the Sunday programme schedule up to June 2013.

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