Sunday Volunteer Task – 8 January 2012

Colin Gray writes:

“I hope you all had a happy Christmas and are well nourished and ready for the next few tasks.

In January we will move our activity up to the Dry Heath.  There is a good supply of birch scrub and saplings thriving there which needs to be removed.  We will have the ‘Lazy Dogs’ tools available for the easier ones but some growth is on old stumps so they might have to be cut.

The target area is adjacent to the footpath that starts just north of the picnic site (through a gap in the bank) and runs towards the car park.  If we can find it under the regrowth there is an old fire site within easy drag distance.”

Hope to see you there and all new volunteers are very welcome!

Further information on the Sunday volunteer tasks (including where to meet etc) is available here.

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