Sunday Volunteering Schedule 2009-10

Fleet Pond Society organises and runs volunteer events at the nature reserve on the second Sunday of each month from September to June.

Here is the task list for 2009-10. If you are unfamiliar with the locations, please see the map in the blog ‘About’ page above.

13-Sep-09: Fuglemere Marsh
Removal of regenerating scrub and saplings. Stumps to be treated with approved herbicide.

11-Oct-09: Fuglemere Marsh and Wood
Removal of some trees from the woodland edge to enhance wetland habitat.  Coppicing of the woodland edge. Stumps to be treated with approved herbicide.

08-Nov-09: Gelvert Marsh
Removal of regenerating Sallow and Alder scrub. Stumps to be treated with approved herbicide

13-Dec-09: North East Marsh
Clearance of Alder and Willow and regenerating scrub to increase the reedbed and marsh area, plus coppicing of the woodland edge. Stumps to be treated with approved herbicide, but only if far enough away from the waters edge.

10-Jan-10: Coldstream Marsh and Wood
Further clearance of trees in the fringing woodland to enhance the wetland habitat.  Create coppiced edge to the woodland where possible. Stumps to be treated with approved herbicide.

14-Feb-10: Dry Heath
Small amounts of coppicing around edge of the surrounding woodland

14-Mar-10: Dry Heath
Clear all birch saplings.

11-Apr-10, 09-May-10 and 13-Jun-10
The tasks for April to June will be repairs and enhancements to footpaths and stream bank repairs.

All tasks start from the Countryside Workshop, Old Pump House Close (next to 65 Kenilworth Road), Fleet at 9.30 am.

We are always keen to receive new volunteers, including students on the Duke of Edinburgh and Trident schemes! Please give Colin Gray a call on 01252 616183 if you require further information.

Examples of previous volunteer events can be found by using the blog search facility on the top rhs.

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