The Lions’ View – Putting In The Final Touches

2014-04-04_01 sm

The metal legs have been painted green (see above and below)

2014-02-26_Eastern Viewpoint 2

David Pottinger writes:

On Friday 4 April, the Last of the Summer Wine Team, under the leadership of Terry Austin, got together (plus Hart Rangers) to put the finishing touches to the spectacular new viewpoint on the eastern side of Fleet Pond, to be called the Lions’ View.

This impressive project has been initiated and lead by Fleet Pond Society and has been very generously funded by a grant from Fleet Lions (hence the name).

The viewpoint has quite a fascinating and unusual story behind it, please see this link for details: The Eastern Viewpoint – Past And Future

The official opening ceremony for the Lions’ View will be on Good Friday, 18 April at 11 am.

2014-04-04_02 sm

Inserting the Lions’ View Entrance Board

2014-04-04_03 sm

 Sorting out the path and surrounding area

2014-04-04_04 sm

Putting in another seat at the end of the platform

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