The Pirates Of Fleet Pond

Cathy Holden writes:

The sun shone and the crowds turned out along the Fleet Road to witness this year’s Carnival with the theme ‘Musicals’.

We took the theme ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ and tweaked it to ‘The Pirates of Fleet Pond’. Congratulations to Terry Austin and his crew for building the fabulous ‘Black Swan‘ which won Second Prize in the Motorised Float Section.  The attention to detail was fantastic and the meerkat crew enthralled the children along the route.

Carnival 2013 - Crew and the Black Swan

The Pirates of Fleet Pond with their galleon the Black Swan readying themselves to invade Fleet Carnival

Carnival 2013 - Meercats on deck

The meerkat crew on deck keeping watch

Carnival 2013 - Walking the plank

One scurvy knave doesn’t do his job and has to walk the plank…..

Carnival 2013 - Halt on Connaught Road

Carnival jam on Connaught Road

Carnival 2013 - Pirates on High Street

Pirates on Fleet High Street!

Photo credits: Cathy Holden and Louise Greenwood

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