Volunteer Event 10 October – Wildlife Explorers Join In!

Liz Humphreys of Fleet RSPB Wildlife Explorers writes:

“I am an Assistant Leader of Fleet RSPB Wildlife Explorers, which is a local RSPB youth group for 8-14 year olds (we used to be the Young Ornithologists).

We have nine outdoor meetings a year, and make sure that at least two of these are conservation activities. This helps our members to appreciate the importance of habitat management for our wildlife.

On the morning of Sunday 10 October 2010, 13 children and 10 adults from our Group met at the end of Chestnut Grove (at the Pond) and joined forces with members of Fleet Pond Society (FPS).

We had a safety talk, and then helped to clear vegetation from beside paths, and remove saplings from the reed beds. The weather was absolutely fantastic and a great time was had by all. The children enjoyed a tea break mid-morning, and then couldn’t wait to get back for more cutting, dragging and sawing!

Thanks to FPS for letting us join in.

For more information on our Group, please send an e-mail to FleetWEX@gmail.com

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