Volunteer Event 13 February – A Soggy, Boggy One!

The Mid-Morning Break!

Jim Storey, of FPS and Fleet Lions, writes:

Sunday 13 February saw us return to Fugelmere Marsh for more scrub clearance. It was soggy in the air and underfoot! We had a few members of Fleet Lions join us.

Caroleanne Baker was there with some members of her family (pictured above). “It’s such a friendly atmosphere at the conservation tasks, “said Caroleanne. “A good way to keep fit and such a worthy cause to be part of. Fantastic to get out here with our family. I love it.”

Simon Collen commented “I just love cutting things down and setting fire to them! It’s so rewarding when you see what you have achieved at the end of all that hard work.” His Dad Mike, a member of Fleet Lions, added “I used to do this sort of thing as a child, so fond memories for me. We always learn lots about the Pond that we can tell our friends when we bring them here.  I really enjoy meeting other people from our local community.”

David Walker (pictured above) has only just joined FPS. “It’s great to be able to help out on conservation work. Particularly when it will make it even better for me to observe our feathered friends that hang out around here. It’s important that we improve the habitats at the Pond, not just for the wildlife, but so people can enjoy them more too”.

Mandy Saxby is a real old hand at conservation tasks. “I had a feeling we’d get soaked today but it’s good exercise and company – apart from one of the Lions!”

“I think Mandy means me” said Jim Storey (our intrepid reporter today…).

And a final comment from our task leader, David Buckler, “Well done folks. You all did a marvellous job today.”

Editor’s comment: Our intrepid reporter may have used a bit of artistic license with his quotes 🙂

Photo credits: Jim Storey.

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