Volunteer Event This Sunday – 10th October

Colin Gray writes:

“It has become necessary to change the location of this Sunday’s task.  The Gelvert and Fugelmere marshes clearance was included in the application for HLS (Higher Level Stewardship) funds to Natural England (NE) and Hart Council and NE have not yet signed the agreement.

We will instead do a couple or three tasks along the western side, starting at Chestnut Grove.  Overhanging vegetation to be removed from the seat area, scrub and sapling trees to be removed from Grasmere Marsh (not part of the HLS) and the alder “hedge” along the pond edge of Hemelite Bay to be cut down such that regrowth will be around waist height.

The marsh and hedge tasks will require wellington boots in view of recent rain.

See you all at the workshop at 9.15 a.m.”

Further information on the schedule and meeting arrangements here.

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